CASA Sponsors

A very special thanks to those who have helped us grow, empower and support Cobb County CASA staff and volunteers.

Thank you LGE Community Outreach Foundation for your generous gift of $1,000 to support Cobb County CASA program! We are blessed to be support by organizations that are committed to giving back to the community! Since 2010, the LGE Foundation has given over $2 million to our communities.
Pictured left to right: Mari Garcia, Cobb County CASA Program Director, Pam Neuman, Vice Chair, Ambassador’s of Cobb CASA, Inc., Shannon Moats, Executive Assistant LGE Community Credit Union and Adolphus Graves, Cobb County Court Administrator


Thank you to Grifols for supporting our volunteers with appreciation for their time, talents and treasures and they advocate for our children in foster care as CASAs. Grifols is a pioneer in the plasma industry, with the largest network of donation centers in the world and with one of their newest being in Cobb County. In collaboration with more than 450 organizations and institutions worldwide, their three principal foundations (Probitas Foundation, Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation and J.A. Grifols Foundation) complement Grifols’ social outreach initiatives by promoting ethical rigor and care for the most vulnerable people. Examples of the foundations’ work include: raising awareness of bioethics to healthcare professionals, young people and citizens; improving access to medical care in developing countries; providing nutritious meals to people at social risk; and leading or supporting educational initiatives to ensure equal opportunities.



Cobb EMC Foundation supports the Cobb CASA Program with funding to increase our staff coordinators. Did you know that each coordinator can supervise 30 CASA volunteers and those 30 volunteers can advocate for hundreds of children in foster care!


Alight Solutions has supported 800 children in during Christmas by providing them with presents during the holiday.
A special thanks to Jana Flatebo for coordinating and supporting our children in foster care for 20 years!







Thank you BarBCutie for your dinner donation for our new volunteer class on September 20, 2022!

Marietta Wine Market has been a host for our nonprofit fundraising events for several years. Thank you for supporting the entire nonprofit community!








Ambassador’s of Cobb CASA would greatly appreciate you choosing us as your nonprofit of choice when shopping at Publix everywhere.




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Thank you to Chic-fil-A Chastain for donating breakfast for our 2022 volunteer CASA training class. We all learn better with a yummy breakfast.
Kroger logo
Ambassador’s of Cobb CASA would greatly appreciate you choosing us as your nonprofit of choice when shopping at Kroger everywhere.
Thank you Sam’s Club Hiram for your gift card donations!